Seeking Investment?

We are always on the outlook for new interesting investment opportunities. If you have an established business with a strong potential that needs investment or help to reach the next level then please get in touch. We cannot promise that we will get involved but we will listen.

If you do chose to get in touch then please (as a minimum) prepare a 4 page presentation describing: the business model, location, market size, current challenges, how you got into the current situation, opportunities, current finances (including debt and assets) and people behind. This will allow us to make a first decision whether we can help you and speed up the remains of the process. The first step is to contact us via the website.

Additional Services

Financial Advisory Services

In some cases we come across interesting and high potential projects that, for different reasons, we do not feel that we can take on ourselves. When that happens, we help to identify other investors and make the requisite introductions.
Management Advisory Services

Sometimes, what companies need is not so much an investment or capital infusion, but a structured approach to business control and performance. In those circumstances, we act as management consultants and aid in the restructuring and turnaround.