About Us

“We are highly passionate about our
investments and take great pride in what we do!”

We see investment as partnership between all relevant stakeholders with an attitude that everyone involved must benefit. Our view is that mutually beneficial partnerships generate superior returns and we are therefore highly selective in picking our investments and partners. Founded in 2016, we have offices in London, Warsaw, and New York



Edward Potega

Edward is a venture capitalist with almost 30 years of experience in North America, Europe and Hong Kong. He has worked with a wide array of industries including: Financial Services, Manufacturing, Commodity Trade, Oil, Mining and Energy. Edward has been behind several IPOs and listings on exchanges in both the United States and Germany. His focus is to find the best possible deal and ensure business sustainability in all the ventures he undertakes. This includes capital raising, management team selection and development, board selection, business case development, business strategy development and business nurturing from seed to listing. Edward is also a non-executive director to a number of companies within the Mining and Energy sectors in Europe, Canada and Asia.

Peter Kristoffersson

Peter is an award winning operational design and management expert. He has designed and implemented new operational and business models for several blue-chip companies within IT, Mining, Construction, Manufacturing, Media and Gaming industries across more than 25 countries spanning Europe, North American, Asia and Australia. He works predominately with company’s C-level executives and boards of directors. He has also been the managing director of a Frankfurt stock exchange listed IT company and has run a boutique consultancy focusing on turn-arounds and profitability increase through operational change. Peter has a degree in IT, a master degree in Business Management and is the author of a number of published research articles in distributed AI.